Discovery Map

Find places to ride all over Auckland!

Keen to explore our beautiful city on wheels?

Our crowd-sourced Discovery Map is full of great places to bike all over Auckland – from pump tracks and mountain bike parks, to quiet streets and dedicated safe paths fit for the whole family.

The map also highlights points of interest along the way, like great views, fun public art and interesting historic places.

Got a route, location, or local highlight to add to the map?. Contact us via this form. Your knowledge will help others find great rides!

How to use the map

Here is a guide on how to use this google map, from how to zoom, how to choose which categories are visible on the map, to more detail about the ‘routes by class’ and switching to satellite view. Scroll down to the part that is relevant for you.

Depending on what device you’re using, you can pan across the map and zoom in and out using your mouse, touchpad, or fingers. You can also use the plus and minus symbols to zoom in and out.

To see the map legend, click the rectangle at the left end of the map’s title bar, and a key to the map will appear. You can tick or untick the boxes to find what you’re most interested in.

Places to ride are shown on the map via handy icons:

  • Nice Family Rides (off-road): people in a pink circle
  • Children’s Bike Tracks: a blue flag
  • Interesting Places: a star in a green circle
  • Mountain Bike Park: a mountain in a teal circle
  • Pump Tracks / BMX Parks: wavy lines in a yellow-orange circle
  • Community Bike Maintenance Hubs: a spanner in a purple circle. Click here for more info on bike hubs!

To display (or hide) these categories on the map, click on the left-hand rectangle in the title bar to show the map legend. Then tick or untick the categories you’re interested in.

Clicking on a particular icon on the map brings up more detail about that location. A few examples, with pictures:

Clicking on the purple people icon in Wesley/ Mt Roskill shows you information about paths along Te Auaunga/ Oakley Creek, including a link to a Bike Auckland ride guide for kids.

Clicking on the blue flag icon in Avondale brings up a panel with the address and a link to the council page with more information about the learn-to-ride track.


Use this form to let us know if any information needs updating or expanding, or to suggest other places to add to the map.

Routes appear as lines on the map, and are drawn from a volunteer project called Auckland Bike Map. To show these routes, tick the box “Routes from Auckland Bike Map” in the map legend. (The legend appears when you click the left rectangle on the map’s title bar).

NOTE: Auckland Bike Map ranks the routes by relative safety and comfort on a scale from beginner-safe to super-confident. Their ranking is geared towards more road-confident and experienced riders.

We’ve imported the friendlier routes from the map and colour-coded them as follows:

  • Purple: Safe, off-road paths, suitable for all ages and abilities. This category includes only off road cycleways and shared paths. Be thoughtful around pedestrians, and look out for other wheeled travelers.
  • Maroon: Safe, on-road protected cycleways, suitable for most ages and abilities. This category includes cycleways protected from motor traffic by physical separators. The separators are fixed to the road and may be beautifully designed separated cycleways like Karangahape road, or they may be quicker, cheaper “pop up” lanes such as concrete or rubber tim-tams.
  • Green: Painted cycle lanes and quiet streets. Note some of these painted cycle lanes are on 50km/h roads. This category also includes local streets with low traffic and some traffic-calming. Please use your own judgement with these routes, and be prepared to dismount and use the footpath if it feels safer.
  • Orange: For road-confident riders only. These links include 50km/h roads with heavier traffic and no cycle lanes. It also includes some rural roads with higher speeds but less traffic. We’ve included them on our map as they are sometimes the only local connections between safer routes. Please use your own judgement with these routes, and be prepared to dismount and use the footpath if it feels safer.

You can share the map with friends by copy and pasting this link, or using the share buttons at the top of the map itself.

Use this handy link to let us know a place to add to the map, or if anything needs updating.

If you’re viewing the map on a computer, you can toggle between the base map and ‘satellite view’ by clicking on the box at lower left of the map legend. See image.

In satellite view, you can more clearly see the terrain, parks, maunga, and roads and paths, with the icons and routes overlaid. This view also shows street names, place names, and nearby shops and places to eat.

Look for the layered diamond icon at the top right of your screen. This opens a panel where you can toggle between ‘satellite view’ and default.

Google Maps lets you add layers of information, one of which is ‘Biking’. Click the layered diamond icon (bottom left on a desktop, top right on your phone) to see the Map Details options.

Selecting ‘Biking’ will display all on-road and off-road cycle infrastructure that Google is aware of, including painted bike lanes. Note: Google’s local knowledge of shared paths, bike paths, and quiet streets is not perfect, so you may encounter gaps, or even stairs. Add some padding to the timing if you haven’t cycled that way before!

Auckland Transport’s Journey Planner (available online and in app form) lets you plan bike routes around the city. It also includes the live location of share-bikes and e-scooters, a great option if you need wheels on-the-go.
Of course, there are still so many gaps on the map. That’s where Bike Auckland comes in, as a people-powered movement working to make this city a place that’s a joy to get around.

A comfortable, connected network will empower more of us to ride, help us do our bit for climate action, and boost everyone’s wellbeing. Keen for more progress? Sign up for our e-news, join your local Bike Burb, volunteer your time and ideas, or become a member today!

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