Naked cyclist

Here is a legal question for you. If the manĀ above was stopped by the Police in New Zealand, what is the most likely thing he would be charged with?

If you answered “riding without a helmet”, you get the chocolate fish*.

A man was recently stopped by Police in Timaru riding his bicycle 1. naked, 2. under the influence and 3. sans casque (as our French friends would say). The rider was promptly fined for his lack of helmet and sent on his way.

Good to know the Police have their priorities in order.

Is a nude cycle ride through Auckland in order. Does anyone want to see that?

*Full disclosure: There is no chocolate fish.

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3 responses to “Cyclist fined

    1. Cycling drunk is illegal as far as we know… possibly still safer (for OTHERS) than driving drunk, but definitely not recommended. Ask my old student-times friend.

  1. NZ drink driving rules only apply to motor vehicles, i.e not bikes. However you could still be charged with ‘careless or reckless driving’ if the police wanted to stick something on you.

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