Cycling on the motorway

Cycling on the motorway

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A message from Matter, good friends of cycling and CAA

Saturday the 23rd of March is Auckland’s annual festival of creative thinking, Urbis Design Day. This sees designers partnering with suppliers to make a themed installation, so this year, Matter architects are working with Resene to present the potential of cycling in the city….

…..the setting is the old Nelson Street off ramp, to be viewed from the K’
Road overbridge, and Day Street…..

……the design will be revealed from Wednesday onwards, until it’s
completion for Saturdays event…..

…..if you’d like to tour the other venues of Design Day, tickets are
available from…..

[Editor’s note: Maybe you already know Matter – they are the folks who produced the stunning graphics in the walking and cycling masterplan for the Central Motorway Junction – and of course, Nelson Street off-ramp is a centre-piece of potential cycle connections from the southern CBD to K Road to Nelson Street. As shown in this awesome artists’s impressions:

Old Nelson Street Off-Ramp

The work on the off-ramp growing over the next couple days will be an art installation, not the walking/cycling path shown above – but it should give a lot of people a hint of how we can do much better with our urban spaces. If London can carve off a part of its urban motorway system to provide cycleways, we can do too!]

[Further editor’s note: If anyone is interested in the CMJ Walking & Cycling Masterplan by NZTA, please sound off in the comments – can’t link to it directly as it is 12mb]

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