Cycle Summit Video – NZTA Grafton Gully

Scott Wickman, one of NZTA’s project managers, has long been a key link between CAA and NZTA. He keeps us connected with NZTA’s various cycling-related projects across the region.

His flagship project at the moment of course is the Grafton Gully Cycleway – and his great achievement there is his success at managing to turn the project into a real group effort.

It would have been easy to do it as just a “Get from A to B” project, especially with the project being almost totally in NZTA land. With his efforts, it has since grown into a much more multi-disciplinary effort, with lots of input from the local universities, as well as the parks people and from urban designers. This will lead to various improvements for the areas that the cycleway will travel through.

Sadly, many of those urban design and landscaping concepts are not shown yet in his Cycle Summit video – but we can vouch for being excited by them, having seen them shortly after the summit at another meeting. In around a year or so, you all should be able to see the results on the ground.

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