Cycle Action welcomes medic’s advice on benefits of cycling

 Media Release  –   13 July 2011

Cycle Action Welcomes Medic’s advice on Benefits of Cycling

Cycle Action Auckland can only agree with Dr Alex Macmillan’s advice in Wednesday’s Herald that more cycling will deliver major health benefits, and help create a better Auckland, all in one go. We appreciate health professionals of her calibre speaking out in favour of safer cycling as a way to reduce transport costs, healthier families and improved access to all parts of our city for all residents.

“We are grateful for Dr Macmillan’s authority and commitment in giving us practical home truths on how transport costs alienate people and communities within Auckland. We understand why she has chosen to compare the costs of off- road cycling routes with the CBD Tunnel. However, we will continue to support the rail tunnel as one of the key projects to create more choice in Auckland’s transport system. It will also stimulate investment and jobs within the most congested and inaccessible areas of the Central City, ”says Barbara Cuthbert, Spokesperson, Cycle Action Auckland.

“Cities with efficient rail tend to have great cycling conditions. Transport funding should be based on making smart investment in improved public transport – rail and express buses, as well as safer cycling –  rather than a hypothetical ‘either/or scenario’ with rail. This will allow us to relieve pressure on our roads, so they are available for vehicles that need to use them, rather than captive motorists who have no choice”.

“Cycling investment is not only highly cost-efficient, as Dr Macmillan points out – it is also relatively inexpensive. Portland, Oregon, (a city comparable in size and setting to Auckland), became one of the best and busiest cycling cities of the United States by spending US$60 million in just over a decade. We believe that Auckland can do the same, and we won’t need a billion dollars to do it”, says Barbara Cuthbert.  “We agree that Dr Macmillan’s example of protecting cycle lanes behind parked cars, or building off-road cycle paths along transport corridors, would cost a fraction of other transport projects. It will help to leave our roads clear for high priority vehicles and transform our city for cycling. We all benefit from her ideas.”

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