Cycle Action – Our new vision statement!

Jul 02, 2013
Cycle Action – Our new vision statement!

Bike Auckland

Over the last months, CAA has been doing a lot of back-room work to define CAA’s vision for cycling in Auckland. With the approaching local body election and increasing public exposure, we want to be able to communicate this to you and the rest of wider cycling community, to Auckland Transport, politicians, and those who are yet to become cyclists across Auckland.

Therefore, we held several meetings to discuss what kind of Auckland we want for cycling. While creating a full strategy for what we want to achieve has not yet been completed, we are happy to announce that we have shaped and agreed a vision statement that we hope will serve us well in the next 1-2 decades (here’s hoping that by then we will have achieved it!).

Our vision for Auckland is:

Cycling in Auckland is an attractive, safe and viable every-day choice for all our communities

This statement has been carefully crafted. It aims to be inclusive of all kinds of cycling, yet communicate that cycling should be integral to Auckland’s life, not something done (solely) for leisure or luxury. It aims to convey the passion of cycling, yet also indicate what challenges we face in making this passion become real, to make cycling attractive, safe and viable.

Lastly, it indicates that we don’t see ourselves as working for any particular group, or area, of Auckland – we want cycling to be easy and happening from all over our city, from central to rural, north to south, west to east.

With your help we will be staunch and successful in pursuing this vision.


Our Aims

We have started to shape our aims (leading principles to guide how we will transform our vision into reality) and our actions/targets below that layer. This “pyramid” – (vision at the top, the aims on the next layer down, and the targets as the base) is still a work in progress. The further down the pyramid we go, the more flexible it will become, so we can adapt to changing circumstances.

Our aims for cycling:





We’re keen to hear your comments on the our progress and our forthcoming actions/targets. Special thanks to our committee member Thad O’Higgins for leading the process, and our former committee member Julian Hulls for galvanising us to start this process.

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