On 26 March 1976, Mayor “Robbie” Dove-Myer Robinson led a thousand Aucklanders in officially opening the bikeway on Tamaki Drive. A simple painted line on the footpath from the Ferry Building to St Heliers, it was intended by pioneer planners John Lewis and Graham Dickson as just the beginning of a citywide network – including the dream of a bikeway over the harbour bridge. (Image: David Lewis)

Aucklanders assemble for the opening of the Tamaki Drive Bikeway, 26 March 1976 (Image: David Lewis)


And they’re off! The Mayor leads the way. (Image: David Lewis)
John Lewis, Chief Inspector, Traffic Officer and Planner for Auckland City, riding the original path and dreaming of it as a bikeway. (Image: David Lewis)
Support bikeways! Note the sign sponsored by Air NZ – we continue to welcome support from our national carrier. Also, if you recognise these young people, or you are these young people, get in touch! (Image: David Lewis)
The symbolic value of a Mayor leading the way never gets old. (Image: David Lewis)

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