Saturday 26th November

NW Cycleway Party & BMX Track opening!

Where: Unitec Grounds
When: noon - 4pm

To celebrate the upgrade of the Northwestern cycleway along the Causeway – and to thank people for their epic patience over the four years (!) of the project – NZTA is throwing a wee party this weekend.

They’ve chosen a great spot: the beautiful green grounds of Unitec, next to where the cycleway runs through (and also handy by foot and train and bus and any combo thereof).

Whether you’re a regular weekday commuter or a weekend rider, swing by on Saturday between noon and 4pm to join the celebration. There’ll be a BBQ and family-friendly activities and of course, plenty of bike parking!

There’s also car-parking too, in the Unitec grounds, if you’d like to park-and-ride. More details below, and on this Facebook page.

If you fancy a jaunt along the refreshed cycleway, it’s about a 15-20 min ride from Unitec to the beautiful new Te Atatu underpass (as seen in the photo on the poster below). Enjoy the fabulous new surface, inspect the shiny new bridges, and do a little birdwatching along the way.

You can also pop over to Waterview to see the newly opened skate park and BMX pump track, which will officially open at 11am the same day – see poster below.

PS High tide at Pt Chev beach at 6pm, if the weather comes to the party and you really want to make a day of it!



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3 responses to “A completion party for a jolly good causeway

  1. Is it complete? I’ve been off my bike for a month or so.
    Thinking of Waterview corner in particular. But also trucks driving on the causeway section and construction fence encroachments around chamberlain and western springs sections.

    1. Western Springs to Chamberlain is essentially completed…. some minor finishing is still underway but 90% of the construction fences and the trucks are all gone now… It’s mostly back to full width and much nicer to ride now…

      I’m unsure of the far side of Waterview because I don’t go that way.

      1. No, 3 encroachments on my soul remain: western springs pinch point just east of st lukes. Western end of chamberlain where they are trying to build a bridge. And the infamous one month detour at Waterview where they seem to be finally laying the new path 6 months late.
        (Yay that I’m back on my bike this week :))

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