Community Bike Fund 2022

Jul 22, 2021
Community Bike Fund 2022

Fiáin d'Leafy

The 2022 round of Auckland Transport’s Community Bike Fund has been extended and is now open until 21 August 2022.

We love the Community Bike Fund because it empowers individuals and communities to make creative events and projects which showcase their communities and passions.

The Community Bike Fund is open once per year and grants between $300 – $5000 towards projects or events which:

  • Support new riders
  • Increase awareness of cycleways and shared paths
  • Encourage cycling (including recreational, commuting, and short trips)
  • Normalise cycling as transport
  • Focus on cycling safety
  • Create community-focussed cycling information and resources
  • Empower groups to champion cycling

You don’t have to be a cycling group to apply for this funding – you can be any community group as long as your event/project is encouraging cycling in some way.  

These people had cool ideas – and got funded!

The Community Bike Fund has supported a whole range of exciting projects and events; from unicycle classes for the community to making community cycling maps; from a shopping-by-bike photo competition to donated bikes for former refugees! 

Some of these projects were solely funded by the Community Bike Fund, and some gained additional funding from other sources.

Check out these epic events that were supported by the Community Bike Fund: 

For the love of bees Biking Bees

Busy bees helping to make a better environment for pollinators (Source: For the Love of Bees website)

For the Love of Bees took the concept of a working bee and mashed it together with a group ride to make Biking Bees. The group explored the city from the view of a bee, cycling from one bee-friendly area to another through key cycleways such as the North Western, celebrating the local community’s support for pollinators, learning about what makes an area friendly for bees, and making them even bee-friendlier as they went. For the Love of Bees took this experience and created a toolkit, so that you too could make your own Biking Bee.

The Community Builders NZ Trust / Ōtara Bike Burb – Ōtara Stuntz Bike Comp!

(Source: Ōtara Bike Burb Facebook page)

The famous Ōtara Stuntz Bike Comp helped to change the perception of bikes and in-part led to the creation of the Ōtara Bike Burb. Wheelies are a big part of the cycling culture in Ōtara and the competition helped to create a safe space for youth to showcase their incredible skills, and build community pride, as well as providing safety information and resources. 

Check out this epic video of the stuntz comp and the Ōtara community.

Cycling Without Age, Pt Chev – Bike Carnival

All smiles in the trishaw (Source: Cycling Without Age Point Chevalier Facebook page)

Held on children’s day, Cycling Without Age’s Bike Carnival was a family-centred festivity! It included hula dancers, bouncy castles, crafts, storytelling, baking, a smoothie bike, ebike trials, and trishaw (bike-rickshaw) rides so that the entire family could enjoy the feeling of the wind in their hair! 

Check out this beautiful video of the event.

Te Awa Ora Trust / Lissy ColeCrochet Cycle Club Ōtāhuhu 

(Source: Lissy Cole’s Facebook page)

Lissy Cole led a series of workshops that taught participants to crochet bright joyous decorations for their bikes, as well as bike maintenance, and then topped the day off with a guided local ride on their fantastically blinged up bikes! 

Lissy Cole is an amazing New Zealand artist creating very bright and joyous crochet pieces.

Ecomatters Ecowest Fest: Cycle Powered Cinema

(Source: Ecomatter’s Facebook page)

Ecomatters’ Cycle Powered Cinema was a celebration of cycling and multiculturalism in Avondale, embracing what makes us unique while also exploring the novelty of bikes together. It showcased cultural performances and a range of short films from different cultures. One of these films was even made by Bike Te Atatū! There were also novelty bikes, e-bike trials, and a pedal powered sewing machine, all topped off with street food and hot chocolates.
Check out the pedal powered sewing machine in action at Bike Kaipātiki’s (Community Bike Fund funded) BikeStock!

You can find even more examples on AT’s website.

I’m feeling inspired…


Before applying, check that your event/project idea meets the criteria for the Community Bike Fund. There’s more information on this below or you can read the Community Bike Fund grant policy on AT’s website. 

If you have an idea and are interested in applying, AT encourage you to contact or call 09 355 3553

You’re also welcome to contact us with any questions, we’d love to help.

What WILL they fund?

  • Community groups, and nonprofits with an idea relating to cycling, even if that group does not usually have a cycling focus.
  • If your application is under $1000, you can receive your funding directly.
  • If your application is for more than $1000, you can partner with a non profit organisation, known as an “umbrella organisation” to receive your funding. If you do not know of any umbrella organisations you could work with you can contact AT or Bike Auckland for support. If you’re already a non profit organisation such as a Trust, Charity, or an Incorporated Society then you will not need an umbrella organisation.
  • The grant can be used for venue hire, equipment hire, instructor fees, limited catering (excluding alcohol), marketing, advertising, and printing costs.
Cycling between pollinator stops at Biking Bees (Source: For the Love of Bees website)

Then… What WON’T they fund?

  • Commercial entities (limited liability companies and for-profit organisations), business associations, schools, political parties, Auckland Council, Local Boards, and Council Controlled Organisations will not be funded by the Community Bike Fund.
  • Events/projects outside of the Auckland region.
  • Capital purchases of equipment and the building or maintenance of facilities / buildings / infrastructure. This means we can’t use it to complete the Auckland Cycling Network. It also means you can’t use it to buy bikes or other expensive equipment. However, it is worth asking AT about this directly if it affects your idea. Also, note that you can hire equipment.
  • Permanent or fixed bike parking. But if you’re interested in getting more bike parking into your area you can request them with this AT drop map, or talk to Big Street Bikers about bringing their lockydocks to your community.
  • They also won’t fund the purchase of alcohol, sports uniforms, travel and accommodation cost, competitive sport events, members only events, projects that have already happened, and organisation running costs such as admin, salaries, rent, power, and legal expenses.

Even if you think your event/project doesn’t meet the criteria of the bike fund AT might be interested in supporting it to happen – so contact them, or apply anyway and find out!

No more couch potatoes at the Cycle-powered Cinema (Source: Ecomatters’ Facebook page)

What happens if you’re funded?

First you’ll sign a funding agreement with Auckland Council.

Make sure you think about how to keep everyone safe during your event/project. You may need to complete a Health and Safety form – here’s our template.

Your advertising material should include AT’s logo or a short sentence acknowledging AT (i.e. “Thanks Auckland Transport for supporting this event”).

While delivering your event/project make sure you take lots of photos and keep any receipts or invoices. Think about what might be a measurable outcome from your event/project. For instance, if the event is a group ride, how many people came along? Were they confident riders? Had they known about the cycleway before the ride?

At the end of the event/project you will be required to submit an accountability report detailing how it went, and any measurable outcomes. Include the photos you took and any invoices and receipts.

If you find yourself unable to deliver the event/project you will be required to return the grant to AT. 

Talk to AT if: 

  • You need to change parts of your event/project
  • You are unable to deliver the event/project by the 30th of June 2023
  • You have delivered the event/project but have funding left over

You can contact AT at: or call 09 355 3553

You can apply for the Community Bike Fund here.

Mean tricks at the Ōtara Stuntz Comp (Source: Ōtara Bike Burb Facebook page)

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