Russell Brown, author of highly successful blog Public Address  has added ideas for more exploring rides around Waterview if you come to the casual ribbon cutting ceremony tomorrow morning.

Thanks Russell! We’re lucky to have you reading our blog.  (And thanks for your photos.)

Oakley Bridge Public Address phtosThe cycling bridge to open for use tomorrow.

Pt Chev Public Address photo

This photo from Russell’s blog shows a panorama of Pt Chevalier and part of the new Waterview route.

Another idea is to ride on to Te Atatu to stop in at their wonderful cafe, the Luscious Food Store and take a cruise around the foreshore path on the Peninsula.

See you tomorrow at Oakley Creek Bridge , at 9:00 am.

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5 responses to “Come cycling around Waterview tomorrow, Tuesday 20th

  1. Hi
    I’ve been searching and searching but can’t figure out how to get to this new bridge, where is it 🙂 ? I’m sure I’m still dreaming… I live in waterview by Alverston street and imagine it is very near me. I cross down steps and through the gully and unitec everyday on my bike to get to work in Greenlane.

    1. Actually, I’ve figured out this isn’t the Alford Bridge from the Waterview shared path. I was dreaming 🙁
      But looking forward to the future developments in the area. I hadn’t previously seen any benefit in the tunneling below my home.

  2. And don’t forget, thanks to Bike Te Atatu, Luscious is one of a number of businesses that give special discounts to cyclists on Tat Peninsula.

  3. Yeah me too, I’m trying to come but can’t find where it is. I’m going to ride up on the gt North rd over bridge and see if I can spot anything that looks like Russell’s pics. I live in Avondale, work at Unitec and ride along side the Oakley most days, so def feel like an idiot for not being able to locate this bridge.

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