A coat check for your bike: Bike Auckland launches Bike Valet

A coat check for your bike: Bike Auckland launches Bike Valet


Next time you ride your treasured treadlie to an event, wouldn’t it be nice if there was a friendly someone at the entrance to take it off your hands, park it securely, keep an eye on it and then hand it back when you’re ready to leave, at no cost to you?

Well, now there will be.

Bike Auckland is launching a Bike Valet service this weekend at the eBike Expo. Expect to see it at festivals, concerts, sports fixtures, expos and all sorts of other public events this summer and beyond.

Bike Valet replaces a service formerly offered by Auckland Transport, which supports the new offering. It can be tailored to events of any size and comes with trained staff and all the equipment – racks for up to 100 bikes, tent, signage, electronic ticketing system and more — to give event-goers on bikes a first-class experience. There’s also the option of a trained mechanic on site to give bikes a bit of TLC.

We think it’s a great way for promoters to delight their patrons by making it super-convenient to ride to an event and keeping their bikes secure while they’re there. There’s proven demand for a bike valet service and we expect it will grow as car parking close to events becomes harder to find and more expensive. Our first customers: the Auckland Lantern Festival, the Big Gay Out, and the Pasifika Festival.

More details of the service here. If you’d like to sign up as a Bike Valet volunteer, click here. And if you’d like to talk to someone about it right away, drop us an email.


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