Close Sarawia – but not for walking & cycling!

Auckland Transport is proposing to close the small level rail crossing at Sarawia Street in northern Newmarket. It makes a lot of sense, as level crossings have some safety issues, and the large numbers of trains here are increasingly held up by the need to let cars through.

What isn’t quite as good is that their consideration so far doesn’t seem to include any thoughts on retaining the walking & cycling access across the rail line here. Walking & cycling are different beasts than motor vehicles, and could be much easier served by a small overbridge – or even by a “pedestrian maze” level crossing like at Kingdon Street (which cyclists could also use).

Totally closing the link would just perpetuate the type of “cul-de-sac” design where any walk or cycle to even close-by locations requires you to make long detours – until people simply decide to drive in frustration. Closing off Sarawia totally would also deprive the people west of the rail line from easy access to Newmarket Park – and an easy way to get to the future “Parnell Rail Trail”.

So there’s lots of reasons for you to comment to AT to tell them that Sarawia Street crossing should still provide for walking & cycling. Please note that they have not provided a specific feedback form, but encourage comment via the standard form. Please do so.

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