In our pilot project with Auckland Transport to improve a variety of particularly problematic locations for cycling on New North Road, we have made a large step forward. Two design schemes have been developed – and have been found to be feasible and viable within the budget of the pilot project. The two schemes are:

  • New southbound cycle lane at Symonds Street / New North Road / Mt Eden Road
    • Scheme 1 Copyright Flow, URS, Auckland TransportThis will give you dedicated space riding south through this currently very tricky intersection [sadly, adding a northbound lane as well was too costly within the pilot project budget – we will get there another day].
    • The extent of the cycle lane is going to be approximately 100m length, in a nice reversal of the common “cycle lanes stop just as you get to the intersection” situation
  • Wider eastbound (uphill) traffic lane on New North Road near Porters Avenue
    • Scheme 2 Copyright Flow, URS, Auckland TransportBy narrowing the solid median, we will be able to widen the through lane to around 4.5m, allowing uphill cyclists to be overtaken much more safely than at the moment, where the right turn lane into Porters Avenue creates a serious squeeze point.
    • As AT were concerned about less experienced cyclists having to merge with the faster fly-over traffic joining from the left from Dominion Road, the current road markings will remain and still encourage cyclists to deviate onto the shared path. However, for those of you who already continue straight on anyway, this location will now be a lot better.

These two schemes do not have final approval yet, but are well-developed and feasibility tested, and have had constructions costings developed for them. There are no more known issues that are likely to prevent them. Funding for them is available. So – knock on wood – they can be constructed pretty soon. We will keep you in the loop on that, of course.

Regarding the “No Stopping” markings proposed for the car park merge issues identified in our earlier work, the first scheme above would fix the worst of the four locations, while AT are still working through consultation responses and potential layouts for the three other locations.

This pilot project has at times been frustrating for both Cycle Action and Auckland Transport – and it wasn’t made easier for AT by having to mediate between very strongly opinionated local residents, various stakeholders and a stroppy cycling advocacy group. This project is now going to provide good change for cyclists – many thanks to the people at AT who have worked on this!

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