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Letter to the Editor: The Implications of Soft Openings

A Letter to the Editor of the NZ Herald from our Chair, Barb Cuthbert: As reported in the NZ Herald, another instance of a lumpy cycleway surface is causing discontent […]

Mission Bay – Quick Submit Guide

This is the quick submit guide for AT’s Mission Bay proposals. Go here for our full blog on how these proposal could make Mission Bay and Tamaki Drive a real […]

A better Mission Bay for everyone (is now possible)

After some underwhelming plans for St Heliers recently, AT looks to be heading in a better direction with Mission Bay. Read on below for the background, the bits we like, […]

Put safety back in the picture in St Heliers!

FEEDBACK CLOSES MONDAY 2 NOVEMBER After an initial go in 2019, Auckland Transport’s latest safety improvement plans for St Heliers village are out for consultation – but they haven’t improved […]

Breaking ground on Tamaki Drive

Sunday morning saw a large turnout for the sod-turning ceremony to mark the beginning of works on the Tamaki Drive Cycle Route. Ever since the far-sighted leaders of the 1970s […]

Feb 18, 2020
A better beachfront boulevard – Mission Bay and St Heliers need you!

Mission Bay and St Heliers are set to get safer streetscapes with raised pedestrian crossings. Which is great – but we say the designs must reflect the Tamaki Drive Master Plan […]

Apr 16, 2019
Tamaki Drive: It’s Had Some Love, More is on the Way

If you frequently cycle along Tamaki Drive you might already have forgotten what we’ve gained as a result of the new-look Ngapipi Road intersection completed in July, and the Quay […]

Quay Street & Tamaki Drive – Persistence & quality win out!

TL:DR: the Waitemata Local Board has won significant improvements to the quality and safety of the Quay Street/Tamaki Drive cycleway at the Ports, to tie into Bike AKL’s win from 2017. […]

Tamaki Drive and Watene Crescent – quick wins for safety

One of the many upgrades happening along Tamaki Drive at the moment is a quick project to improve safety at the intersection with Watene Crescent, in Okahu Bay next to […]

Mar 23, 2018

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