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Our future gets decided in places like Mt Roskill

Are we actually improving things for cycling, for road safety, for climate change in Auckland? Or do we double down on encasing the Status Quo in literal concrete? New AT […]

Lack of Progress on Oteha Valley Road

Bike Albany have sent a letter to Auckland Transport and Auckland Council requesting that a safe cycleway and pedestrian crossings along Oteha Valley Road are included in the next round […]

Speak up for better bike connections in Māngere!

Māngere could and should be cycling nirvana: easy flat terrain, lots of schools and churches, great local town centres, and stunning parks and natural features (go ask that maunga!). But […]

Great North Road, car transporters, and safety

The issue of car-transporters on Great North Road has been in the news recently, in this Metro article and this follow-up piece (including a quote from our chair, Barb Cuthbert. The […]

Give Me Room: A campaign for a safe passing rule

You never really forget what a close pass feels like. You’re tootling happily along on your bike and then, without warning, a motor vehicle roars past, sometimes close enough to […]

Tamaki Drive: It’s Had Some Love, More is on the Way

If you frequently cycle along Tamaki Drive you might already have forgotten what we’ve gained as a result of the new-look Ngapipi Road intersection completed in July, and the Quay […]

A rough ride: run-ins en route to Middlemore

Rounding out our series of guest posts by Middlemore medics who bike to work is Renate Koops, a consultant in General Medicine and Diabetes. Like her colleagues Rob Burrell and […]

Cycling to Middlemore – a health hazard?

A recent guest post by Dr Rob Burrell struck a real chord. It was about the irony of how dangerous it is to bike to one of Auckland’s biggest hospitals […]

Common courtesy: why I wave at motorists who let me cross

I’ve long had a habit, like many others, of giving a cheery wave to motorists who slow down to let me cross when I approach a zebra crossing on my […]

Jun 16, 2018

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