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Meet Paeroa’s bike champ – Warwick Marshall

Paeroa is not just the home of that famous fizzy drink; it’s also the bubbling hub of the Hauraki Rail Trail. If you’re on a bike, all paths lead to Paeroa… […]

The Economist on cycling issues in the US

The relentless rise in the popularity of cycling in the United States has suddenly challenged the hegemony of cars over roads. The same process (and the same angry and ill-informed  response […]

Pop-up plazas: A taste of the good life

Often it is hard to get communities to buy in to cycling and walking friendly developments because, after 60 years of a car-only environment, it is difficult for them to […]

POSTPONED Bike to the Future – Ride for K’ Road separated cycle lanes

NOW POSTPONED DUE TO STORMY SKIES TO 28 SEPTEMBER What: A cycle ride in support of separated cycle lanes on Karangahape Road. The ride will take about 30 minutes When: […]

Further update to- Govt adds new cycling money – a step change for New Zealand?

27th Aug – FURTHER UPDATE: We sincerely apologise to our readers and all those who knew better than our original blog as to the source of this funding. We need […]

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