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‘Drive-and-ride’: California dreaming and some thoughts about Auckland

Last year during a trip to California, my wife and I satisfied a yearning for a bike ride by heading to the beach in a car. We decided to try a […]

Groundbreaking for the Waterview Path – a personal perspective

Ground was broken on Friday for the new Waterview Shared Path. If you’re not familiar with this project, it’s an overland connection for walking and biking where SH20 dives underground. The cars get […]

Feb 08, 2016
A year of revolutions – 2015 bike highlights in review!

2015 was a phenomenal year for Auckland bike culture. Things are really changing, inexorably and permanently. Our utopian hearts want citywide revolution NOW (if we could only wave a wand and create bikeable streets […]

NW update: St Lukes detour to continue through end of February

Amidst all the excitement of completed works along the causeway section of the NW Cycleway (including the fantastic new underpass at Te Atatu, just opened this week), we’ve been promising […]

Dec 23, 2015
Another present under our Christmas Tree: the Te Atatu underpass!

What a fabulous finish to our year! The southern Te Atatu underpass is officially open, with direct access to McCormick Green open for holiday riding! On Monday I rode out to […]

Tickled pink – highlights from Lightpath’s early days

Today marks three weeks since we relaunched as Bike Auckland; and nearly two weeks since Lightpath/ Te Ara I Whiti opened, along with the first stage of the connecting Nelson St bike lanes. […]

The Gift of the Magi: a decision on Franklin Road

Last night we got the news about what’s in the Christmas stocking for people on bikes along Franklin Road, come next year’s full-scale upgrade of the whole road. As you know, […]

Westie Progress on the NW Cycleway

Things have been moving right along on the Causeway rebuild, in many cases faster for bikes than for other vehicles.  If you ride out west a lot, then much of this […]

Dec 07, 2015
Pink Frost: meet the team who put the icing on the Nelson St cake

When Kyle Donegan turned up at the Bike Auckland launch party last week, he handed me a small box containing a handful of glittery pink stuff. A little bit sandy, a […]

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