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Attention Frank, Lin & Rod – Your Opinions Needed…

…it’s Bruce here, to say: Horrible puns aside, whatever your name, could you all please come forward and support the good improvements in the newest Franklin Road cycleway design? This is […]

May 06, 2016
Diversion at Great North Road for Northwestern

Hello all NW Causeway riders – the Well-Connected Alliance is readying itself to do the final layout of the shared path around the corner of the Great North Road interchange, west […]

May 05, 2016
Frankly, this is pretty great – new designs for Franklin Road

The new designs for Franklin Rd are in, and we are impressed. We knew that parking-protected bike lanes had been ruled out – but this round of design proposes the next best thing: separated lanes […]

Apr 26, 2016
Goodbye ski-jump: a NW Cycleway shift along Chamberlain Park

The Chamberlain Park stretch of the NW cycleway is currently a bitsy ride, with narrow bits and visibility issues as works proceed towards completion. We strongly advise slowing down along here, […]

Apr 23, 2016
A chorus of support for SeaPath – help us spread the word!

The responses to the quick SeaPath feedback form we’re running with Generation Zero continue to flood in. A couple of thousand of you have already spoken up via our form, and […]

Open Days – Glen Innes to Tamaki Shared Path

Keen to find out more about how the GI to Tamaki path will open up the eastern suburbs? There are two open days this week where you can meet the […]

Permeability is a two-way street… for bikes!

In an exciting development, Auckland Transport has announced a proposal to allow two-way cycling on half a dozen quiet one-way streets in the city centre. We’ve pushed for this for quite a while, as an […]

Good news for the east: AMETI takes a step forward

The AMETI project, aka Pakuranga to Panmure, has been off the radar for a while. Indeed, we haven’t really blogged about it since 2012! But today Auckland Transport announced it […]

A sweet, sweet milestone for Lightpath: 100,000 bike trips!

Yesterday was a major milestone for the pink path – and it happened sooner than anyone predicted! We hear next week was the anticipated timing for the 100,000th trip across Lightpath… […]

Mar 31, 2016

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