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The Cloud has a silver lining: drop-in bike lessons for adults

Do you live or work in the CBD? Keen to master the art of riding a bike? Mix the joy of learning with the whimsical lights and architecture of the […]

Back to Bike School – bike classes & workshops for beginners

The beginning of the year is a great time to get started – or restarted – on riding a bike. The weather’s great, and  February is Bike Month, so there are plenty of […]

Feb 03, 2016
Me and My Bike (and My Kid) – Meet Claire

Part of the fun of biking around town is the serendipitous conversations and encounters with other bike folk as we pass each other along the way. Even when driving, I keep an eye out […]

“Fat Lady on a Bike” – the joy of riding at any size

In this guest post, the gorgeous Genny Stevens (Agile Team Facilitator at Xero) shares some top tips for happy everyday biking when you have a few Xs in front of the L on the label of your favourite […]

How to Train (and Ferry) Your Bike – the art of ‘trip-chaining’

Inspired by yesterday’s commuting feature, here’s a handy recipe for how to get almost anywhere in Auckland: 1. bike to train or ferry   2. put self and bike on train or ferry […]

Take a Two-Mile Tour or a Four-K Frolic – but above all, take a friend!

So many people are out there, hankering to hop on a bike! How many? Well, Auckland Transport’s own research reckons 60% of Aucklanders would ride if the roads were more welcoming. And […]

Bike bright on winter nights – a seasonal visit from the Bike-Light Fairy

A friend of CAA, Zane, writes about an unlikely superhero hitting the streets as the winter nights draw in, determined to make sure those on bikes sparkle safely.  Daylight savings hit this week […]

Getting more people on bikes – AT / Love to Ride

Guest blog from  Debbie Lang –     Debbie is well known to many people who love cycling – her career began as cycling champion back in the day at North […]

Bike Devonport – cycling as transport

Recently, Chris Werry (CAA’s new representative for the Takapuna-Deonport local board area) and I started up a new group for people who enjoy cycling in Devonport. We based the idea […]

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