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Ian McKinnon Drive – or how to lower the City Centre by 6m

Newest blog regarding the consultation is here. One of the key reasons NON-cyclists offer as to why Auckland currently doesn’t have more people on bikes is that it is too hilly. Funny, […]

How a smaller Cycle Network helps us all

It’s not every day that you see cycle advocates happy at seeing bike routes removed from a planning map – but in this case, we are. Because after years of […]

Mt Albert Town Centre Upgrade – how do bikes fit in?

Auckland Council is currently seeking your thoughts on designs for an upgrade to the Mt Albert Town Centre – feedback closes 4pm, Friday 27 November.  You can see the proposed […]

Quay Street’s gonna be okay

UPDATE: Consultation closes this Friday. Have your say ASAP to make sure our new hot pink pathway has a safe connection all the way to the red fence, the whole wide waterfront, […]

Franklin Rd epic effort! You’ve knocked our socks off!

‘Fabulous’, ‘stunning’, ‘brilliant’! That’s what I say when someone far exceeds my expectations. So, what to say when139 people wrote superb, articulate responses to our call last weekend for feedback on […]

Gold: Franklin sense, and more! 3 fresh designs for Franklin Rd

Updated: huge thanks for your responsiveness – we’re collating 138 individual responses, and will post an overview of your thoughts very soon. Very grateful for your time and effort! Auckland Transport […]

Flocks ‘n’ Bikes – birdwatching on wheels

“On my bike, I get to enjoy being a part of my environment, not apart from it,” writes our favourite storyteller Simon Vincent, as he turns his commute into a flight […]

I see your Auckland protected lane… and raise you a Copenhagen one

A little while ago, one of our at-times-supporters-at-times-critics expressed frustration on social media about why New Zealand keeps insisting on “trialling” cycle infrastructure that is well-established overseas. Instead of responding with the […]

AT says: Have it your (Abbotts) Way!

Great news – Auckland Transport has just informed us that they are moving back to the future again – and the design for Abbotts Way / Grand Drive will now […]

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