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Chain reaction: Shanith’s story of inclusive cycling

As part of Bike Auckland’s focus on inclusive cycling we held TryaCycle; an event series which provided opportunity for people with mobility difficulties to try all sorts of different cycles. Thanks to Shanith for helping with the series, and sharing his story of being injured in an accident which left him with mobility issues and how being on a bike gave him independence, a business and freedom.

Cycling forever – an ageless joy

Jane Admore, our membership secretary, recently discovered a wonderful new volunteer initiative that welcomes older people back to the joy of bikes. She shares the story, below. Recently, I met Zac […]

Mar 22, 2017
The self-driving car of the future just got a whole lot better

Are self-driving cars the way of the future? According to their boosters, autonomous vehicles could transform urban life. No more worries about parking: your car could theoretically drive you to the city, and then […]

Baby on Board: Cycling While Pregnant

While designing our fabulous new logo late last year, Su Yin Khoo was also working on another major project: her first child… while fearlessly biking round the city pretty much up […]

Bike to Soccer – the warm-up that frees up the streets!

When you stumble across an idea whose time has come, you don’t have to talk anybody into it, it just makes instant sense. That’s how Bike to Soccer came to be: a […]

More infrastructure = more cycling = better health

No great surprises here, but research in the United States has found a link between improved cycle infrastructure and positive health outcomes. The research specifically concentrated on the development of […]

University of Auckland: Get just 5% of NZ cycling – save 117 lives / year

The University of Auckland, back in 2010, researched the health benefits from shifting just 5% of NZ’s vehicle kilometres currently travelled by car onto bikes (an eminently achievable goal which […]

May 11, 2012
Cycle Action welcomes medic’s advice on benefits of cycling

 Media Release  –   13 July 2011 Cycle Action Welcomes Medic’s advice on Benefits of Cycling Cycle Action Auckland can only agree with Dr Alex Macmillan’s advice in Wednesday’s Herald that […]

Jul 14, 2011

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