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Emissions Reduction Plan Submission Guide

What is the ERP? Aotearoa New Zealand has adopted a target of significantly reducing our greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. The Emissions Reduction Plan sets out policies and strategies for […]

Gifting Peace for Christmas

Please forgive us for subverting the traditional Christmas message, but it’s in a good cause. We want you to consider giving a really sturdy bike lock for Christmas so your […]

The new family car – a cargo bike!

Cargo bikes are increasingly popular, especially for families looking for carbon-free alternatives to the second – or even first – car. Yes, even in Auckland! Reader Pete Moth shares his […]

Go ahead, JUMP! Electric bike-share hits the streets

Powered by ride share giant Uber, JUMP is one of several players in Auckland’s new post-Lime micro-mobility scene – but it’s first to market with e-bikes, a combination of electric […]

EEK! Why does EECA have an e-bike blind spot?

This is a guest post by micromobility expert Oliver Bruce, who asks: why does the government fund for innovation in electric vehicles continue to have an e-bike-sized blind spot? A […]

Aug 26, 2019
A regular rider on a year of regular riding

We love real stories of everyday bike life! So when we saw Pshem’s delightful string of tweets looking back on his first year of regular cycling for transport around Te Atatu […]

Cycling Without Age – the right to wind in your hair

I adore travelling on public transport with my bike, and chatting with fellow travellers – almost every trip sends me home with a head full of stories. On Thursday night, returning home from […]

Me and my e-bike: ‘I’m still laughing!’

Nic Smith has been commuting on an e-bike for a few months now, and wouldn’t change a thing. Here’s her story… The best way to illustrate what it’s like to have […]

Dec 04, 2016
A bicycle built for three – how e-bikes changed one family’s commute

Emma Coote got an electric cargo bike big enough to carry both kids, and it’s changed her Auckland family-commuting life. She shares her experience with us here…  This morning was […]

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