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AMETI: Change a street, change a (thousand) mind(s)

Let’s be honest – those of us who already ride bikes and understand the freedom they offer can be a bit dismissive when we hear other people say ‘Aucklanders will […]

Nov 12, 2018
A River Runs Through It – How AMETI will Change the East for Bikes

East Auckland’s new busway, AMETI, will be like a river through a desert, bringing top-notch cycleways and vastly improved public transport to a car-dependent part of the city. We’re delighted!  […]

Nov 05, 2018
A ‘safety-wash’ in East Auckland – or a chance for change?

Auckland Transport is proposing changes at a couple of intersections on Botany Road in East Auckland, to ‘alleviate traffic congestion and improve safety for road users and pedestrians.’ The problem […]

Aug 14, 2018
Good news for the east: AMETI takes a step forward

The AMETI project, aka Pakuranga to Panmure, has been off the radar for a while. Indeed, we haven’t really blogged about it since 2012! But today Auckland Transport announced it […]

Mar 31, 2016
Calling all Pakurangians – ignore the busway plans!

…what you should be really getting excited about is the cycleway planned to run along Pakuranga Road and Ti Rakau Drive! At least that is our attitude to the AMETI […]

Cycling past the mall

The plans for changes to Mount Wellington Highway outside of the Sylvia Park shopping centre have now been finalised. We engaged with Auckland Transport about these plans before, and its […]

Lagoon Drive shared path confirmed & AMETI Open Day

Buried in the details of this announcement of the next AMETI Open Day on 15 September 2012, we have a long-awaited confirmation that CAA was only able to hint at […]

Videos from AT – Trains carrying bikes & AMETI cycleways

Here’s a quick round-up of some  Auckland Transport channel videos on YouTube. The videos that could be interesting for cyclists included this one about our coming electric trains: You can […]

AMETI busway’s cycling designs revealed

Having no success convincing family and friends to “Give it a go!” with cycling? Then you are probably talking to the “interested but concerned” part of the population – those […]

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