Sunday 22nd November

Cargo Bike Picnic

Where: Ferry Building at 11, Victoria Park playground 12-2
When: 11am, then 12-2

Meet up with other cargo bike enthusiasts (and of course you don't have to have one to love them), for a ride from the Ferry Building along the waterfront to Victoria Park. Bring a picnic for a shared lunch next to the playground. See how much you can fit in your cargo box: picnic basket, kids, dogs, blankets, kitchen sink, everything!

We’re spotting more and more cargo bikes around town, especially electrified ones, being ridden by family-types, dog-owners, and the delivery crews of Urban Sherpa and GreenWheels. Why, it’s almost as if there’s some kind of… cargo cult!

And here’s your chance to join it.

A bunch of cargo bike folk are organising a ride and picnic this Sunday, 22 November. Meet up at the Ferry Building (which makes it easier for those coming by sea or train), and then ride along the waterfront to the picnic destination in Victoria Park, next to the playground. BYO picnic lunch, kids, dogs, disco balls, etc.

If you don’t have a cargo bike yet but just fancy a Sunday ride alongside the bakfiets crew, you’re very welcome to join in! Or if you would just love a chance to see cargo bikes up close and even try one out, then by all means swing by.

More details over on the Facebook event page, or contact Maurice or Jena.

Disco cargo.

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