Building a cycling culture in Mexico

Building a cycling culture in Mexico


Cyclists in Mexico City

Mexico, not a name usually associated with cycling. However, this article discusses some of the ways that Mexico is starting to build a bicycle culture.

As the BBC has reported, this includes car free days in central Mexico City where large stretches of the city are made very walking and cycling friendly.  The Guardian also reports on this but is very pessimistic about whether such moves would ever be supported in Britain. Unfortunately, we are seeing similar reluctance from Auckland Transport to close even small parts of the city to cars (Queen Street is screaming for it).

And this is in a city of 20m people of which the Guardian writer (previously a London resident) states:

Mexico’s sprawling capital is one of the most bike-friendly cities I’ve been to.

Mexico City also has a successful bike share scheme that started ahead of London’s Boris Bikes.

Such simple ideas can lead to so much. Come on AT, car free Queen Street on Sundays is a no brainer. Make it happen.

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