A month of warmer weather and longer days… featuring two weeks of school holidays and the three-day Labour Weekend that kicks off the roll into summer… the sweet, sweet scent of spring in the air… hmmm… that sounds like BIKETOBER!

What’s Biketober?

This October, we’re inviting Aucklanders to dream up fun activities on wheels, all across the city, all month long.  Festivity is the aim of the game. We’re keen to highlight the way bikes enliven, empower, and enlighten our communities. Mostly, we just want you to have fun on bikes. 

How does Biketober work?

Biketober Auckland events are self-run, leaving unlimited capacity for local input and maximum creativity! Rides, meet-ups, workshops, biking to events… anything that makes you want to dust off your bike and get some fresh air, we’re keen to hear.

Bike Auckland will host the full calendar, and will share resources (coming soon) to help you plan and deliver your own activities. We’ll also help you promote your event and share stories of success.

How can I get involved in Biketober?

With a fun line-up of events already in place, we’re ready to showcase the full range of bike love all across Auckland. Once we launch our Biketober calendar, you can check out events near you.

But there’s still plenty of room for more events, big or small – so we’d love to hear from you.

  • Got a bike event already in the works that you’d love to share with a wider audience? We’re all ears.
  • Nursing a dream for a bike event in your neighbourhood? This might just be the nudge to make it happen.
  • Or, if you’ve just been looking for the perfect excuse to get your bike out of the shed, pump up the tires, and take a few friends, family, colleagues, or neighbours out for a ride – to a destination or a festival or just for fresh air – this is it!

Keen to be a part of Biketober? Fill in this form with as much info as you can about your planned or prospective event, and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

For inspiration, have a close look at our gorgeous graphic (by Bike Te Atatu’s star graphic designer Carol Green). Check out the amazing calendar of Portland’s famous Pedalpalooza. And consider a few more starter ideas…

  • Bike the Maunga – ride up Auckland’s volcanoes
  • Food tour rides – dumplings, donuts, dessert?
  • Cargo bike parade
  • Pump Track Party
  • Halloween Ride
  • Sunrise coffee ride
  • Unicorn ride – sparkles, rainbows and glitter!
  • Speed dating by bike
  • Historic secrets ride
  • Fixie ride
  • Alley Cat
  • Frocks on Bikes
  • Suits on Bikes 
  • Murder Mystery Ride
  • Zombie Ride
  • Treasure Hunt Ride
  • Books on bikes – a tour of libraries and book stores
  • Full Moon Night Ride (Friday 6 Oct!)
  • Bike-in movies/ Bike to the movies
  • Community Garden Tour
  • Bike Kitchen
  • Bike skills workshops
  • Bike to the beach
  • Big bike picnic in your nearest park
  • Bike-wash
  • Bike train pub crawl
  • Urban hill climb
  • Bike to school day
  • Wheelies and skids and speakers, oh my
  • Stride bike Grand Prix!

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  1. Those are some very good ideas… I may see if I can organise something.

    I recognise those bikes in the design – happy to see the sloth made the cut 🙂

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