Bikelash: Some ammunition for the comments section

Dec 05, 2014
Bikelash: Some ammunition for the comments section


Abraham Lincoln on internet
Wise words from Mr Lincoln

If, like sad cycle geeks such as me, you are always reading articles on cycling, you will see the same tired lines rolled out in the comments section again and again. It doesn’t matter what country, website or time of day, there will be someone trotting out one of a number of anti-cycling “facts”.

Below I have paraphrased some of my favourites:

All cyclists run all red lights and never stop at stop signs!

Cyclists cause congestion and kill hundreds of pedestrians every year!

Cyclists need to pay road tax and register their bikes. Then they will always drive safely like motorists do.

Cyclists are the spawn of Satan and are all Communists – I have proof! (OK I made that one up)

Cycle culture in action in Denmark
Agenda 21 conspiracists in Denmark. The small ones look especially dodgy.

Cyclists are part of the Agenda 21 conspiracy for the UN to take over the world! (No, really. Plus apparently CAA has “access to big budgets and huge spending power” – who knew? Certainly not CAA)

And just so that Godwin’s law is complied with:

Cycling is the equivalent of a being a Nazi (I am sure someone said this once) has conveniently put together a list of the 9 most common incorrect and ridiculous comments and the retorts to them. This will save time (well maybe not you, because you have better things to do with your time – but me) in trawling through Google trying to find evidence.

Someone is wrong on the internet
A productive way to spend your evening

So don’t get angry, get informed and show those poor misguided souls the errors of their ways. As we all know, online debates are by far the best way to change someone’s opinion on cycling. Try and do it in FULL CAPS if possible.

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