Bike to the movies… and then bike AT the movies! Cycle-Powered Cinema comes to Auckland

It’s the time of year for open-air movies, and Silo Park Cinema is kicking off its season with a very special treat: the “world famous (in Christchurch)” Cycle Powered Cinema, on Saturday November 14th. Not only can you bike TO the movies, you can and indeed are encouraged to bike AT this movie!

Where  Silo Park

When   Saturday November 14th, 2015 – food & drink from 5.00, movie at 8.30


Most appropriately, the film you’ll be pedal-powering is a fabulous documentary about the power of art in public spaces:

The Art of Recovery celebrates the creativity and community spirit bringing life back to the streets of post-quake Christchurch. It tells an uplifting story of resilience that informs a greater conversation about how we live together, and how we build our cities.

Jump on one of the special generator bikes and help power this incredible film.

This review praises it as “a mighty documentary” that uses “the camera as a megaphone [to] give great volume to a deserving voice”:

From a public dance floor powered by a coin-operated washing machine to a café restaurant that delivers burgers via pneumatic tubes (not kidding; it’s awesome), the film captures the artistry boom that has come largely from the Christchurch DIY spirit and the Gap Filler initiative. It’s a striking transformation – as if the whole city kicked off its business shoes and let its hair down.

Find out more about the film here – it really is a truly inspiring template for how creatively people can shape their world – not just when disaster strikes, but whenever there’s a gap to be filled, or a community hungry for some pop-up art and magic and connection.

Keep an eye on the Facebook event page for more info and updates. Thanks to Fisheye Films, and a huge cheer to Silo Park Cinema for setting this in motion!

PS More about cycle-powered cinema here, for those curious about the physics. And see below, for a glimpse of how transformative the medium was in post-quake Christchurch.

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