What's your Bike Personality? Take the Bike Auckland Cycle-ology Quiz!

Bikes are cool again, and not just for kids and lycra dudes! These days there’s a bike style to suit everyone. To celebrate Biketober and the joys of spring, we at Bike Auckland have developed a highly scientific bike personality quiz to help you suss out what bike gang you’re most likely roll with. So, what are you waiting for? Start clicking to find your bike tribe!

What's your ideal weekend activity?

Checking out the city’s newest bars and restaurants
Morning workout followed by a nutritious breakfast
Shopping for organic produce at your local farmers’ market
Hitting the shops for some new threads
Going for an indoor rock climb

What are you most likely to have on you at all times?

Reusable shopping bag
Designer shades
GoPro camera

What beats are you currently jamming?

Your Coffee Break
Beast Mode
Feels Like Spring
We Be Vibin’
Walk Like A Badass

Fave rainy-day binge watch?

Black Mirror
Planet Earth
Love Island
Stranger Things

What’s your fave daytime bevvy?

Cold Brew Coffee
Coconut Water
Green Tea
Turmeric Latte
Energy Drink

Which emoji speaks to your soul?

Roller Coaster

What’s your dream holiday destination?

My own backyard (NZ)

How would you describe your style?

Dressed to impress
Active wear
Free and flowy
Fast fashion
Edgy and cool

Which celebrity would you most like to go on a bike ride with?

Leonardo DiCaprio
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Zooey Deschanel
Bear Grylls

But seriously: if you could, which local celeb would you ride with?

Jeremy Corbett, Comedian and TV host
Mike McRoberts, Newsreader
Matilda Rice and Art Green, The Bachelor Sweethearts
Avi Duckor-Jones, Survivor NZ Winner
Suzy Cato, Entertainer and Dancing with the Stars fave

All 10 questions completed!

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