I was lucky enough to ride along with thousands of you in Bike the Bridge 2018 on Sunday 18 February, soaring over the Harbour Bridge and back. I set out from Devonport as the birds were starting to wake up and chatter. The beauty and serenity of the view of the city wreathed in soft early morning mist as the sun rose was absolutely spellbinding.

What was particularly special about this year was not just the late summer date that meant much nicer weather, but also that the lane was protected more simply than in previous years. Without that great wall of buses, we could see the vast panorama of the sparkling harbour, out to Pt Chev and Te Atatu and Birkenhead and Beach Haven to the west, and all the way round to Rangitoto and the central city to the east.

I rode across the bridge with Teau Aiturau and the Triple Teez, and alongside the Generation Zero team who are biking to Wellington to support the Zero Carbon Act – and it was my special honour to accompany our ‘Minister for Cycling’, Associate Transport Minister Julie Anne Genter. I enjoyed discussing her plans for cycling investment for Auckland to keep the expansion of high quality infrastructure across the city. Not only is she the first transport minister to Bike the Bridge, believe it or not – but we all learned later that day that she’d been riding with baby on board. Talk about putting the future in ‘bike to the future’!

This is the 7th year that Callum McNair and his Bike the Bridge team have brought us this fabulous event, an epic moment on the Auckland cycling calendar. Our city benefits hugely from their dedication and hours of work, and I was especially happy to see so many diverse families and different age groups riding.

A special shout-out to our wonderful 35 volunteer Bike Auckland ride marshals, who helped keep everything running, and of course to the loyal Bike the Bridge team. As an official charity partner alongside Multiple Sclerosis Auckland, we’re deeply honoured to be a part of this iconic fundraising event.

Many people I met on the day said they’ve ridden the event every year and that no matter how many times you’ve done it, it’s always a thrill. Until we can cross the bridge on SkyPath, Bike the Bridge is a really satisfying and fun way to experience the view, the camaraderie, the connection, and the potential. I warmly recommend it!

Read more about it in the NZ Herald, which includes a bunch of our photos…

Barb Cuthbert (L) and Julie Anne Genter (centre front), with the Generation Zero ‘Zero Carbon’ team, plus Teau Aiturau (R) and the Triple Teez. (Photo: Bike Auckland)
Riders approaching the south side of the bridge. (Photo: Bike Auckland)
Ready to ride as the sun begins to rise. (Photo: Bike Auckland)
Bike Auckland’s ride marshals ready to go, and ready to render assistance. (Photo: Bike Auckland)
Crowds on the Westhaven side of the bridge, waiting for the south-to-north ride. (Photo: Bike Auckland)
Two wheels good, one wheel rad! Fun to see several dozen smart young unicyclists join the ride. (Photo: Bike Auckland)
Thanks for stopping by the Bike Auckland tent – and thanks to our early bird volunteers for being on the spot! (Photo: Bike Auckland)
Riders heading up and over the bridge. (Photo: Bike Auckland)
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