Thursday 02nd February

Bike Breakfast

Where: Scarecrow, CBD
When: 7.30- 9ish

A fun, casual, monthly meet-up for anyone interested in the bike life, bike news, bike chat, and great coffee.

At last, summer feels like it has finally arrived – and just in time, with two holiday weekends in a row and heaps of reasons to get out on two wheels. Especially if you’re taking part in the Auckland Bike Challenge over February.

Bike Breakfast offers an extra incentive to get Thursday’s ride in by combining it with breakfast and a group of friendly, keen people who like bikes. There is no formal meeting, you don’t have to arrive on time, nor do you have to stay for the end. Just show up if you feel like it.

Thursday 2nd February 2017

7:30am till 9-ish 

As usual, we’re meeting at Scarecrow Kitchen, on the corner of Victoria Street & Kitchener Street in the CBD.

See you there!


Header image: the “Clockwork Orange” cargo Bullitt bike belonging to Paul Steely White, of NYC’s legendary Transportation Alternatives. 

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