Lots of people asked about our T-shirts at Lightpath Festival. Here’s a quick reminder that you can wear your heart on your sleeve – or front or even tote bag – via our online shop!

We have a range of shapes and styles and colours and sizes, including super-cute little kids’ tees with little bikes on. It’s a great way to share your enthusiasm for a more bike-friendly city wherever you go – and a small portion of each purchase goes to Bike Auckland so we can get on with the work while you get out and ride. Check out the FAQs here.

DELIVERY NOTE UPDATE: Digitees have advised any new orders will ship in January, so it’s already too late for Christmas delivery. Still, summer is the best time to buy a T-shirt, yep?

Neera and Carol on the pink path in pink T-shirts.
Linn and Clare, in sophisticated black.
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