Richard and Jane, our fine models!

Heading to the Big Bike Film Night this week? Say hello to the Bike Auckland crew at the theatre entrance – we’ve got stickers and badges and bells, and will also be modeling our fabulous new T-shirts… 

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Now, back to the Big Bike Film Night, which runs all week – you can still get your hands on tickets for the remaining sessions (now just Thursday at the Academy).

The positive reviews are pouring in – here’s some of the enthusiastic feedback we’ve been hearing about the films…

The films were brilliant – I almost feel like going again. The Cycle Chic collection (featuring more women) was great. I was keen on the planner in Uganda who had studied in the Netherlands and was aspiring to accommodate bikes in the centre of Kampala. I liked her gumption to tackle the most difficult bit first, to demonstrate it could then work anywhere.

The second ‘mainstream’ session was amazingly varied, and ended with the making of the Old Ghost Road Trail – our own wonder of the cycling world. Loved the fact that one of the riders was a ‘more mature’ woman. Personal inspiration!

Inspirational is the word people keep using…

Great to finish on the Old Ghost Rd – very inspiring to see the hard work of a dedicated team of volunteers making the project a reality. I want to ride it even if the shots were aimed more at technical mountain bike riders (I’ve been told that the daunting bits are fine to walk, and you have to walk the bridges anyway)

The Georgian bike trip features epic landscapes. I also loved the Tall Bike Tours family film, and the one about Georgena Terry, both inspirational for being creative and having a go at making bikes yourself. The overall theme was gals and guys on bikes having fun, with a great well-balanced mix of international and local stories.

And yet another enthusiastic plug for the doco that crowns the collection…

Great to get an early heads up on an amazing new great New Zealand cycle trail.  A dream realised by volunteers, the doco takes you on an intimate trip to the landscape and epic adventure that is the Old Ghost Road. Not for the fainthearted, but certainly for the bucket list. A must see for anyone thinking of their next weekend escape.

What are you waiting for? Go grab those tickets!

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