Friday 18th September

Beach Rd cycleway opening

Where: Beach Rd
When: 7.30 am

Bike past or stop in for a coffee and a chat, as we formally mark the opening of the second stage of the separated cycle path on Beach Rd. Another link in the network, ready to go!

Anyone riding or walking along Beach Road lately has been getting exciting glimpses of the progress on Stage II of the Beach Road separated cycleway… and it’ll officially open on Friday 18 September, with a small ceremony at 7.30 a.m. Swing by for a celebratory cuppa and a test-ride if you’re nearby or passing through!

A recent glimpse on a night ride…
Photo by Adam Parkinson, via Twitter.
Photo by Adam Parkinson, via Twitter.
Infrastructure Waterfront / Quay
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One response to “Beach Rd stage 2 – official opening, 18 September 2015

  1. I give it a week before the Herald run an angry story about a pedestrian ‘hit’ by a cyclist on the cycle path. Clearly needs more obvious separation in an urban context.

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