Puhinui Road AerialWell, it seems this is the season for long-dormant projects to get some traction.

Not only do we get rumours the government might pay for part of the City Rail Link (we will see…), now AT have resurfaced with news about the Puhinui Road cycle lane project in Papatoetoe. This route runs through large residential areas, and connects to the Manukau City Centre in the east and to the airport* to the west.

*[Cycle facilities to the airport, with its 10,000+ employees, are another project we are pushing, with NZTA this time].

Remember that Puhinui Road was one of the three “southern” projects last year, some of which created a big outcry due to parking removal. Well, AT has revisited the design (though we admittedly wonder why it took almost a full year), and is now proposing to proceed with the project, with just a few tweaks. Good. We will again provide feedback on the latest iteration, and try to find out when works are proposed to start.

The project will provide consistent cycle lanes from the SH20 motorway in the west, through to Great South Road in the east – and no more intersections where the lanes suddenly disappear, because “too hard”. We aren’t getting Copenhagen Lanes yet here, but the “connected” and “continous” bits are a lot better in these designs.

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One response to “Another cycle project back from the dead

  1. Awesome!

    Now if only they would get on to roscommon rd/UR17 people would have a cycle route from papakura to the airport too..

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