Another ‘best ever’ summer cycling book!

Nov 20, 2013
Another ‘best ever’ summer cycling book!


TheNZCycleTrailsCVR_FNL (Large)Jonathan Kennett has come up with another  winner that will make you melt with longing. His ‘Classic NZ Cycle Trails’ took us by storm last summer, filling our weekends with fantastic escape bids to cycle backcountry trails.

I thought I was happy then – but imagine the joy when another Kennet book arrived in my letterbox last week.  ” The New Zealand Cycle Trails – Nga Haerenga ” is the perfect companion for the Cycle Trails book. It’s a more expensive production, ($45) but is worth every dollar as it has added track information with brilliantly helpful ‘aerial photo’ maps, giving very clear geographical detail on mountain ranges, rivers etc.

I love the new section of historic photos and stories for each great ride, as all of them have fascinating backgrounds from early days in gold mining or farming, timber milling etc. This adds a new dimension to the allure of the rides, as we have a rich rural history that is easily overlooked once bush has regrown or farms established. The big double spread landscape photos are also stunning – they’ll win you over to the rides, even if all the other features don’t. A good new summary section at the end of the book gives all the key info on each route, so it’s easy to do a quick check on which rides are suitable for newbies, families, experienced mountain bikers etc.

Don’t wait for Xmas to order your copy, as it’ll fly off bookshop shelves. Get it now, so you can enjoy hours of anticipation leading up to the summer.

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