halfopenstreetsBike Auckland mobilises people power for a better city on bikes.

As the independent voice for cycling in Auckland, we lead the push for positive change, on behalf of everyone who rides a bike in our city – and everyone who would love to give it a go.  

We advocate for a better city on bikes.

  • This starts at the top: we encourage local and national Government to invest in – and promote – vital cycling infrastructure and a climate of care on our roads.
  • We advance the conversation about urban planning with a can-do attitude and a strategic vision that embraces quick wins and long-term logic.
  • We listen to and amplify the voices of Aucklanders who want a more bike-friendly city, via strong, targeted campaigns and productive participation in consultations.

We advise on best-practice design for people on bikes.

  • As a key stakeholder in roading, sustainable transport, health and related areas, we engage with everyone who’s planning, funding, and building cycleways, bike-friendly paths, and local streets.
  • We meet and engage regularly with Auckland Council, Local Boards, Auckland Transport and the NZ Transport Agency to promote and resolve cycling issues.
  • We bring together internal departments in these organisations to ensure that cycling is considered by everyone who can help by integrating it into their plans.
  • On a project-by-project basis, we encourage planners and engineers to cater for the needs of all kinds of people on bikes, in road design, transport decisions and urban planning.

We activate a diverse and joyful community of Aucklanders on bikes.

  • We create and support events that invite people to enjoy their city on wheels.
  • We work with workplaces, organisations, other advocacy groups, and individuals whose work or passion relates to cycling – friends in the health and sporting sectors, bike-friendly merchants, burb-based community organisations, and beyond.
  • We nourish the community of people hungry for bike stories and alerts, via this website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and our regular e-news.

Want to help us make Auckland better on bikes? Join us and let’s get this city moving!