A small detail from Christchurch

Sep 01, 2012
A small detail from Christchurch


Spokes_with_Roger_Sutton - Copyright: cc-by-sa-3.0, User: Schwede66I recently stumbled across this photo of a guy on a bike meeting some other cyclists in Christchurch.

The guy turns out to be Roger Sutton, the new boss of the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority. CERA is is probably the most powerful entity in that damaged city at the moment, overseeing the rebuild. In the picture, Sutton is meeting the cycling advocacy folks from Spokes, CAA’s equivalent in Canterbury.

So? A politician or government manager meeting with some cycle advocates? Nothing too exciting about it, lots of them might drag their old bikes from the shed to look “sustainable” for nice photo op or a feel-good meet with some cycle group.

But look closely at the second cropped shot from the same event. The guy has a rear-view mirror on his bike helmet! Now, whatever you think of those (mirrors) – to me that says genuine cyclist. Not just someone who rides once every couple of weeks or months.

Makes you hope that the new Christchurch will be a lot like the old, or even better – with lots and lots of bikes around. All the best, Cantabrians!

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