A safer intersection for feet and wheels in Mangere

A safer intersection for feet and wheels in Mangere

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Auckland Transport is proposing to make an intersection safer in Mangere, where Buckland Road meets Wickman Way. Not only has this spot seen some bad crashes, it’s also very hostile on a daily basis for people walking and cycling, as well as driving.

In case you needed three more reasons to support this project: the fix comes at the request of one of several nearby schools whose students struggle to cross the road safely. It’s also very near to Teau “Mr Tee” Aiturau‘s Mangere BikeFIT HQ, the thriving hub of bike activity in Mangere. And it’s right in the middle of a popular bike route from Mangere Centre Park to Walter Massey Park.

Scroll down for more details. Here’s our speedy feedback guide. Consultation closes Thursday 17 October!

The Bike AKL speedy feedback guide

Choose “I like the proposal but it needs some minor changes” and ask for the following:

  • please make the shared path into separate paths for walkers and wheelers – at minimum using markings, but ideally with clear physical delineation
  • please add solid protection to the westbound bike lane through the intersection, to protect riders from drivers cutting the corner and encroaching on the “naked” bike lane
  • please add bike ramps for access onto and off Wickman Way




The proposed design for a safer intersection and new pedestrian crossings at Buckland Road and Wickman Way in Mangere. (Click to enlarge, or click here for PDF version)

What’s in the proposal?

  • the intersection will be signalised, with pedestrian crossing facilities on every leg
  • two trees go, to make space for the traffic lights and ensure they can be seen
  • the left-turn slip lane onto Wickman Way becomes a left-turn lane controlled by the new traffic lights – much safer, and easier for pedestrians to cross
  • a new speed table and changes to the kerb at the entrance to the service lane on Buckland Road – to slow down traffic and reduce the pedestrian crossing distance
  • new yellow “no parking” marking on Wickman Way, to ensure bus access to bus stops, and smooth traffic at the lights.
  • yellow “no parking” marking on Buckland Road where it is currently already illegal to park, e.g. in the bike lanes
  • the bike lane on the north side of Buckland Road moves onto a shared path, separated from car traffic

Bike Auckland’s detailed feedback

We’re glad Auckland Transport has proposed a number of changes that acknowledge cycling safety concerns. In particular, we appreciate that eastbound riders gain an off-road facility (although see our comments about the specific design, below).

We also appreciate the raised table across the slip lane entrance, which should also improve walk/cycle safety.

However, we ask AT to incorporate the following changes, for an even better safety outcome:

1. Please turn the proposed lengths of shared path into separate walking and biking paths: i.e. a bike lane at footpath level, next to a separate footpath. Bicyclists and pedestrians shouldn’t be forced to mix, especially given the risks of unexpected encounters at a busy intersection.

At minimum, we recommend markings on the path, such as on the west side of Symonds Street between Alex Evans and Karangahape Road, to give one example.

We’d prefer to see a slight vertical separation via mountable kerbs, as assumed in the new Transport Design Manual. Mixing pedestrians and cyclists has negative impacts for both groups, and is particularly concerning for elderly walkers. We note that the TDM does not envisage shared paths as part of intersections such as this. Here, we would accept the actual intersection corners as shared paths, but the approach and departure lengths on Buckland Road (between the bike ramps) should not be shared.

2. Please protect the “naked” westbound bike lane on Buckland Road through the intersection.

We note that proposed kerb changes are limited. However, the proposal moves the northern kerb of Buckland Road (east of the intersection). Please consider moving the whole kerb another 0.6-0.8m further north.

This will allow for a short length of physical separators (thin concrete buffers, like on Carlton Gore Road or the Carrington Road overbridge) for at least the last 5m or so approaching the intersection, in the short section where the tree is already proposed to be removed outside 264 Buckland Road. This will protect westbound riders in the bike lane on Buckland Road, by discouraging drivers from encroaching into the bike lane by corner-cutting on the inside of the curve, particularly on green and at high speeds.

3. Please add bicycle ramps from the shared path corners into and out of Wickman Way. This would include short extensions of new footpath/shared path pavement into Wickman Way itself as far as the ramps back onto the road (or back up from the road when travelling the other way).



The current road layout: not friendly for kids crossing to the nearby schools, featuring painted unprotected bike lanes. (Image: Google Streetview)

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