A progress update and greetings from the Harbour Bridge!

It’s been an enormous year for the SkyPath!

The SkyPath proposal will go back to Council early in 2013 for their approval, with a strong funding offer on the table and support from NZTA , thanks to great collaboration between all the key players this year.

NZTA is now considering retaining SkyPath as their walking and cycling option for the AHB following the completion of the next harbour crossing (regardless of whether that will be a bridge or a tunnel). SkyPath is compatible with NZTA’s options, and in fact may offer a better facility than the on-deck solutions that have been proposed so far. This is good news – as this also means that the SkyPath can be built now, without decision makers worrying about having to invest into a temporary facility. This makes it more likely that Aucklanders can get pedestrian and cycling access across the AHB in the near future, rather than in 20 years time.

The business case for the SkyPath has also been reviewed this year, confirming that SkyPath will pay for itself. Morrison & Co’s PIP Fund will cover the construction cost, the operating and maintenance cost, and the most risky 25% of the business case revenue. The less risky 75% of revenue would be underpinned by Council and others, who in return will share in the revenue and will own SkyPath after the tolling period.

Thanks from the SkyPath team to the NZTA, Auckland Council, Auckland Transport and other CCOs, and to our private partners Morrison and Co and the PIP Fund, for the huge steps forward this year. We’re excited about getting the project back before the public and Council – watch for news early in 2013!

Sky Path At Christmas

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