This is a sad tale with a happy ending. But it also has a moral to round it off.

I rose early one Saturday morning, caught the ferry from Devonport to town, and loaded up on fresh goodies from the Britomart Farmers Market. To complete my feeling of peace and plenty, I decided to cruise along the North Wharf area of the Wynyard Quarter. Imagine my mortification to find myself sliding into a great bike-flip with my ladden panniers on the railway lines on the wharf, unusually wet and slippery from a light shower.

Even worse, as I flipped, I was reflecting on a message from a friend who had recently skidded and fallen in the same area.

The happy news is that I was rescued by this gorgeous gang of BikeLab cyclists, who were just finishing their coffees after their morning ride. Who says the Auckland cycling community is not a tight crew these days? These talented guys grabbed a bike tool kit and did a few vital running repairs to my bike. I’m delighted to have a chance to publicly thank these heroes of the hour – I’m ever so grateful to you all!

Just for the record – I heard that 3 other cyclists had gone for a skid on the old trainlines that morning, so I don’t feel too bad. But this is clearly something for us to watch on North Wharf, in addition to the tram lines – you may have seen the warning signs for these.

It doesn’t in any way mar my love of North Wharf and Wynyard Quarter – maybe just adds to the spice and mindfulness of riding there.

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