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Auckland Budget 23-24 Submission Guide

At Bike Auckland we believe in creating a city that people want to invest in – We can create this liveable city by investing in walking, cycling, and public transport. Investing now will save us more money in the future – which is why your feedback on this Auckland Budget is so important.

The Magic of a Connected Cycleway

Who would ever think we’d need magic to complete an everyday commuting cycleway? It’s not what usually springs to mind when we think of building the popular and functional cycleways […]

Mar 20, 2023
Get going on Great North Road, over 50 organisations tell Council and AT

Update 17/03/23: The Auckland Council Transport and Infrastructure Committee postponed their feedback on Great North Road to the 14th April, allowing them time to do a site visit first. After […]

A miracle pill for our transport ills

This is a guest blog by accessibility and sustainable transport advocate Tim Adriaansen. Tim looks at how a modest cost reduction in the purchase price of an e-bike, or covering […]

Mar 14, 2023
Hold it in for a bit longer folks!

Bike Auckland have been strong supporters of Te Whau Pathway since the first parts of the pathway were built in 2015. One day Te Whau Pathway, like Tāmaki Drive, will […]

Mar 09, 2023
Upper Harbour Cycleway redesign submission guide

A lot has been said and written online about Upper Harbour Drive, but now is the time to have your say for the official consultation. So to get you started, […]

Mar 02, 2023
Auckland Transport’s credibility under question

TL;DR (article summary); Auckland Transport has so far failed to implement three safe, widely supported, climate-friendly street improvements in the inner west. The Waitematā and Albert-Eden Local Boards have each […]

38 organisations call for Auckland Transport to urgently deliver the inner west street improvements – spoiler alert, we are one of them!

On Tuesday 21 February Waitematā Local Board are being asked to vote to endorse 2 of the 3 Inner West street improvement projects and to pause the third. The Waitematā […]

Feb 20, 2023
The many joys of cycling Tour Aotearoa

We love the many ways that cycling brings people together. In this case cycling the length of Aotearoa brings together lots of committed cyclists along with fund raising for many […]

Feb 07, 2023

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