5 days decides our fate!

5 days decides our fate!


How’s this for commitment?

All this week at dawn AT staff will be waiting for you to turn up with your bike at Queens Wharf to trial and vote for the new bike parking gear you most like. Call in to see them between 7am-9am.

Cycle park trial Queens wharf stacked bike 2

Your vote will help decide which gear is installed in 4 new pilot bike shelters about to be built for people who use buses, ferries and trains. The online survey is live for this week and next weekend, and has a series of pages so make sure you click through them.

Here’s the story – AT is working with Cycle Action to build 4 pilot bike shelters to test public reaction to a standard model for building across the public transport and cycling network. This is a development from the unsuccessful ‘cages’ built at big cost a year ago at Birkenhead, Papakura and Papakura.

Last year we did a series of blog surveys you to learn what were your top priorities when you parked your bike at public transport. Top billing in the survey told us most people want shelter from the weather, CCTV security, good lighting, convenient use and siting near the bus and train platform and ferry berths.

Those loyal AT staff standing in the half light at Queens Wharf this week are keen to help you try the new bike parking gear. Once you’ve done that PLEASE FILL IN THE SURVEY FORM!

Can’t get there during those hours? Easy – just cruise along anytime to try the gear and go to the AT survey link to tell us your favourite and pet hates.

I was in town yesterday for the Ports protest rally, and lots of people were at Queens Wharf and interested in the trial bike gear. I met John Pratt who has a seriously beautiful camera and took these photos for us. He also saved me by working out how to put a bike on the top level of the double stacking bike rack.Thanks x 2 John!

Bike rack double stacking in use

John is a practical gem – he pointed out it’s a good device if your bike is a costly treasure you want to park out of the way of damage and pilfering. We both noted that the high density rack is easily blocked by handle bars and helmets, which get in the way of a second bike parking beside them. Don’t you hate it when this happens, as every second counts when you’re racing to catch that ferry- bus or train!

cycle parking queens wharf 2 level 2

And it’s hard to see any benefit in the narrow Harrogate rack – it’s famous for making bikes slip, twist, fall and get damaged.

I don’t want to influence your choices any more. Like all things political  – make sure you vote to have your voice heard!

(Applause and thanks to AT for working with Cycle Action and everyone on bikes who wants good bike parking!)

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